Beach Blast

Beach Blast is an end-of-year celebration for graduating 6th graders.  The committee is made up of 6th grade parents who organize the blast.  Beach Blast is held the evening before the last day of school. 

2016-17 Beach Blast

Food Allergy Information: – regular salted pretzel – click on “cherry” and “Blueberry” for nutritional information

Popcorn from Cranberry Cinemas:

Popcorn Seed: Orville Popping Corn
Popcorn Oil: Coconut Oil, Beta Carotene 

Seasoning Salt: Salt, certified food color (FD&C, Yellow #5 & #6), imitation butter flavor, tri-calcium phosphate added as an anti-caking agent

2015-16 Beach Blast


Jessica Moslander & Jenn McNany
Committee Co-Chairs