July 7, 2022


$100/teacher for start-up funds. 

$16/every student for field trips. Totaling around $24,000/year

New CIRC Equipment & Furniture ( Ozobot Bit Classroom Kit, Singer Sewing Machine, Hummingbird Bit Bundle, Stools, Workbenches)

Lego Mindstorms EV3 Robots 

HES Library Furniture ( desks and armless chairs)

HES Author Visit – Bruce Hale

Playground equipment

ELMO’s (projectors for classrooms)

Earned $18,865 for Haine since 2018 through Scholastic Book Fairs

Earned $14,005 in Scholastic Dollars for Haine since 2018. Books used for students in need, teacher’s classroom and the library.

Last edited: 10/14/2021